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      • Q. My shipment sat in my hot mailbox for days. Is it still safe to take?

        Our products undergo accelerated stability testing at temperatures of 104°F (40°C) +/- 35°F (2°C) and relative humidity of 75% +/- 5% for a minimum period of three months. This accelerated stability testing is completed after the product has initially gone through the same “customer journey’ of being shipped from our distribution center to the testing center through the postal service. This stability testing is our guarantee to you that our products can travel safely in warmer temperatures.

        During seasons of high temperatures, it is not uncommon for softgels and capsules to become tacky during shipping and stick together: During our testing we found that This has not affected the nutrients inside the softgels or capsules. Once the product has cooled down, the softgels and capsules will loosen up by gently shaking the bottle.

      • Q. Where is the scoop in my Ovasitol canister?

        The scoop in the canister is located underneath the powder, near the bottom of the canister. You may need to use a utensil, such as a fork, to locate the scoop inside the canister.

      • Q. Are Theralogix products dye-free?

        Yes. All Theralogix products are free from artificial dyes. We only use natural colorants on all of our products.

      • Q. Are Theralogix products gluten-free?

        Yes. All Theralogix products are certified gluten-free. Each Theralogix product is tested by NSF International for content accuracy, purity, and freedom from contaminants. During this testing process, each product is also tested to confirm that there is no gluten present.

      • Q. What is the source of gelatin in Theralogix softgels and capsules?

        The gelatin used in Theralogix softgels and capsules from certified BSE-free (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) bovine (cow) gelatin. 

      • Q. I have a hard time swallowing pills and/or have a sensitive stomach. Do you offer free samples for people to try?

        We have samples available for many of our products. The samples can help you determine if you are able to swallow and tolerate the product. If you would like a free sample, please request one by contacting Customer Service at (800) 449-4447 or by using the Contact Us form.


      • Q. Where do I enter my PRC or discount code?

        After you add a product to your cart, first choose "checkout." Then, after completing the first page of the checkout process, select "next step." You will have the opportunity to enter your PRC or discount code on the second page of the checkout process.

      • Q. How do I log in to my account?

        If this is the first time you have attempted to login to the site since 12/26/2017, you must re-register your online account by clicking here or visiting https://theralogix.com/account/register. 

        Once you have created an account for the new site, you will be able to view and maintain all of your existing Theralogix orders. Thank you for your patience and support as we work to provide the highest level of security for our customers. 

        If you have already re-registered on the new site, simply click here or visit https://theralogix.com/account/login and enter your username and password.

      • Q. What are the benefits of the Theralogix auto-refill program?

        Because dietary supplements are meant for long-term, continuous use, auto-refills assure that you will receive an uninterrupted supply of the nutrients you need. It is very convenient to have shipments sent directly to your home or business. Customers enrolling in our automatic refill program also enjoy free shipping on all orders.

      • Q. How does the Theralogix auto-refill program work?

        It's simple. Refills are timed to ship just before you run out. For most of our products, that's every 90 days.

        One week before your refill is due to ship, we will email you to let you know that we are preparing your shipment. You can make any changes or delay your shipment by logging in online or calling customer service at (800) 449-4447.

        You'll receive another email from us on the day your order ships to let you know that we are charging your credit card and your order is on the way. You can cancel at any time by logging in online or calling customer service at (800) 449-4447.

      • Q. I do not want to sign up auto-refills. Can I still order?

        Yes. If auto-refills will not work for you, please call us at (800) 449-4447 to buy one bottle at a time, for an additional shipping charge of $4.95.

      • Q. What is a PRC (Provider Referral Code)?

        A PRC is a number, usually 5 or 6 digits, that your referring physician would provide you with. It allows you to order Theralogix supplements at a preferred customer price. It also allows us to notify your referring healthcare provider when you place or cancel an order. This notification helps your provider keep track of what you are taking and monitor your progress once you start taking the supplement.


      • Q. Do you ship to locations outside the US?

        Theralogix ships to anywhere the US post office will ship including US territories and APO addresses.  Theralogix also ships to Canada.  For any other locations, including Europe, Asia, and 34 countries around the world, look for Theralogix products on our partner website www.evitamins.com.  If you are looking to purchase in the UK, see our UK distributor  www.amritanutrition.co.uk.  

      • Q. After I place my order, when can I expect it to ship?

        Orders received by 3 PM Eastern time weekdays will ship same day. Orders received after 3 PM Eastern time will ship next business day.

      • Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

        You will receive your initial order in approximately 5-7 business days (7-10 calendar days). We will time refill shipments to arrive just before your current supply runs out.

        If your first order is sent Priority Mail, it will arrive in 2-4 business days (3-5 calendar days). Future auto-refill shipments will be sent by Standard Mail.

      • Q. What is the cost for shipping in the United States?

        The Theralogix auto-refill program includes free Standard shipping within the United States.

        The following fertility and preconception products are not eligible for auto-refill. You will receive free Priority Mail shipping on every order.

        • Conception XR Motility Support Formula
        • Conception XR Reproductive Health Formula
        • DHEA 25
        • DHEA 50

        The following fertility and preconception products are available with auto-refill. You will receive free Priority Mail shipping with your initial order and free Standard shipping on refills after that.

        • TheraNatal OvaVite
        • Ovasitol
        • NeoQ10

        You can upgrade shipping on any auto-refill product to Priority Mail for an additional one-time charge of $5.25 on your initial order. If you paid for Priority Mail on your first order, your refills will be sent Standard Mail at no additional cost.

      • Q. How do you ship your products?

        We discreetly ship all products by U.S. Mail or UPS, in an envelope or box depending on the product.

      • Q. Do you deliver to the UK?

        This website delivers to the US and Canada only.  Several Theralogix products are available for delivery in the UK through our affiliate www.amritanutrition.co.uk.  Use code "THX5" for a discount on your first order. 


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